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New method of removing formaldehyde in Tianjin

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Formaldehyde is a colorless, soluble, slightly irritating gas. Formaldehyde is one of the most common pollutants in the air. It has long-term, incubation, and concealment characteristics. Especially in newly renovated new houses, the formaldehyde content is even more amazing. It is easy to cause all kinds of discomfort in the environment.

Formaldehyde has been widely used in the production of resins, chemical fibers, rubber products, printing inks, coatings and coatings for its advantages of low price, strong adhesion, insect resistance and strong anti-corrosion ability. During these production processes, formaldehyde is emitted directly into the atmosphere; in addition, the combustion of oil, coal, natural gas and other organic substances, oxidation of lubricants, etc. Formaldehyde is released from decomposition, automobile exhaust emissions, and photochemical reactions of organic compounds in the atmosphere. It is no exaggeration to say that the degradation of every organic substance on the planet involves the formation of formaldehyde, which is considered to be a "fingerprint" compound of atmospheric pollutants.

The degradation of formaldehyde in Tianjin is mainly achieved through the photodissociation process. Although formaldehyde (HCHO) is a simple molecule, its photochemical dissociation is still very complicated. When formaldehyde absorbs ultraviolet photons, at least six photochemical and photophysical processes can take place. There are mainly two reaction channels, one is generation Stable molecule H2 + CO; the other is the production of free radical products H + HCO. In addition, the formaldehyde photodissociation reaction channel changes with the wavelength of the dissociation light.

The results show that under visible light, formaldehyde is mainly dissociated through molecular channels, and the products are mainly H2 + CO. These two products, especially CO, are important greenhouse gases. Under ultraviolet radiation, formaldehyde is mainly dissociated through free radical channels, and the product is mainly H + HCO. These two products can be converted into a natural air filter HO2, which is an important protective measure for protecting the atmosphere.

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