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Method for removing formaldehyde pollution in wardrobe

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Formaldehyde contaminates our lives, whether it is in the office or at home, it always exists. Not only affect our lives, but also threaten the health of us and our families. The closet is an indispensable thing in our lives. It can not only store clothes, but also play a beautiful role in the interior. But why does our new wardrobe always have a bad smell? How can I get rid of it ? Today Tianjin Deformaldehyde Company will come and share it with you.

Odor source: The unpleasant odor in the closet is actually caused by excessive formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is prone to cause leukemia, I believe many people know. Why does it appear in the closet? This is because many of the cabinets are not made of solid wood panels, and more used are wood-based panels, composite panels, etc. These panels need to be glued, and some glue contains formaldehyde, which is why formaldehyde Come. The newly purchased wardrobe in the home has no formaldehyde, which is unpleasant and dangerous. Our beautiful clothes can't be put in and contaminated by formaldehyde. What should I do? Rest assured, experts introduce you to several methods.

1. Open the cabinet door for ventilation; this method is very simple and convenient, but it takes a long time, it takes about one year, can you wait? Obviously impossible. This method works, but it takes too long .

2. Catalytic removal of formaldehyde. It is the use of photocatalysts. Under the conditions of light, photocatalysts can generate hydroxyl radical catalysts, react with formaldehyde in the air, and decompose into carbon dioxide and water. The removal rate is high , and there is no secondary pollution.

3. Neutralization technology to remove formaldehyde; using formaldehyde trapping agents, such products are sprayed on formaldehyde sources such as artificial boards, large core boards, carpets, etc., which can neutralize formaldehyde molecules, and then gradually destroy the molecular structure of formaldehyde to achieve the removal of formaldehyde effect.

4. Activated carbon adsorbs formaldehyde; because of its special material with many pores, activated carbon has super strong adsorption effect. Placed indoors, it can adsorb a large amount of formaldehyde pollutants in the air. But it will saturate and need to be replaced frequently .

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