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What are the misunderstandings of Tianjin formaldehyde removal company in sharing formaldehyde removal?

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With the rapid development of the market economy and the improvement of all aspects of people's lives, many people now start to decorate their houses. At the same time, there will be certain formaldehyde substances after decoration, which will easily cause illness . Which ones? Today, the editor of our Tianjin formaldehyde removal company will come to share with you what are the misunderstandings of formaldehyde removal?

1. Photocatalysts cannot effectively remove formaldehyde in practical applications; its principle is: under the conditions of light, photocatalysts catalyze water or oxygen in the air into hydroxyl radicals and superoxide anion radicals with strong oxidation ability . Similar groups can oxidatively decompose pollutants in the air into carbon dioxide and water. However, this light is not ordinary light, but strong ultraviolet light. Generally, a laboratory uses a 30w ultraviolet light . In actual life, strong ultraviolet radiation cannot be achieved indoors, because strong ultraviolet rays are harmful to the human body. Therefore, in actual life, photocatalysts cannot effectively remove formaldehyde.

2. Placing grapefruit peels and pineapples, and using air fresheners to remove formaldehyde are all methods of physical covering, which are methods of deceiving the sense of smell. In fact, the formaldehyde is not removed, but the taste of the pollutants is covered by the taste, and the formaldehyde cannot be removed at all.

3. Activated carbon and diatom mud cannot completely remove formaldehyde. Activated carbon and diatom mud are all adsorption materials. The principle of this type of product to purify the air is to rely on its own developed pore structure and specific surface area. By contacting with air, it passively adsorbs small molecules in the air and stores them, but it cannot handle pollutants by itself. The adsorption material has a limited adsorption capacity and is easy to saturate. It will release pollutants after saturation . In practical applications, this method is not feasible to remove formaldehyde.

4. Biological enzymes cannot remove formaldehyde Biological enzyme products are mainly divided into plant extraction and microbial methods. Plant extraction is to remove formaldehyde by extracting corresponding substances from plants, and performing oxidation, nucleophilic, and catalytic reactions with formaldehyde, such as amino acids, plants Polyphenols, formaldehyde dehydrogenases, etc.

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