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Which plants can remove indoor formaldehyde?

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After the renovation of a new house, there will always be harmful impurities, which is formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is colorless and odorless, but it is an invisible killer of human health, so many of us will use some methods to eliminate formaldehyde after the decoration of the house , such as ventilation, placing plants and using professional formaldehyde removal tools. Today, our editor from Tianjin Deformaldehyde Company will share with you which plants can effectively remove indoor formaldehyde.

First, Chlorophytum; characteristics of Chlorophytum: it is easy to breed and has strong adaptability. It is one of the traditional hanging plants in the house. Its leaves are slender and soft, and many small plants are drawn from the leaf axils, which sag downward from the pot , like flowers, and are evergreen in all seasons. Spider plant is known as the "king of formaldehyde removal" in plants. Spider plant can perform photosynthesis in weak light, can absorb toxic and harmful gases in the air , and can absorb carcinogens such as formaldehyde, styrene, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the air. Generally, one or two pots of spider plant are kept in the room. The poisonous gas in the air can be used up. The spider plant can also decompose benzene and absorb relatively stable harmful substances such as nicotine in cigarette smoke.

Second, ivy; characteristics of ivy: ivy is an ideal indoor and outdoor vertical greening variety. Ivy vines have thin and soft branches, aerial roots and can climb on other objects. The leaves are alternate, the leaves are triangular-ovate, and the demand for potted plants is increasing. It is a typical negative plant that can grow in a full-light environment, grows well in warm and humid climates, but is not hardy . Ivy can effectively remove formaldehyde and benzene. It can decompose two kinds of harmful substances, namely formaldehyde in carpets, insulation materials, plywood and xylene which is harmful to the kidneys hidden in wallpaper.

Third, aloe; aloe is a perennial evergreen succulent plant with short stem nodes, erect, hypertrophic leaves, juicy, lanceolate. It likes warm and dry climate, not strong in cold resistance and shade. Aloe vera is not only a good hand to absorb formaldehyde, but also has strong medicinal value, such as bactericidal and cosmetic effects. Many potted varieties have been developed, which have strong ornamental properties and can be used to decorate living rooms.

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