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Can air purifiers remove formaldehyde?

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We Tianjin Formaldehyde Removal Company is a company specializing in indoor air detection, car air purification, decoration material analysis and decoration pollution control. Today, our editor from Tianjin Deformaldehyde Company will come and share with you the well-known air purifiers can remove formaldehyde?

First of all, let's understand the principle of the air purifier, which is to filter out particulate matter in the air through a filter. The air purifier can play a huge role in haze weather. At present , some air purifiers on the market are sold under the slogan that can remove formaldehyde, but according to experts, those air purifiers that can remove formaldehyde can only maintain the effect of removing formaldehyde for two or three days . Because if the air purifier has the function of removing formaldehyde, it needs to add activated carbon filter or photocatalyst filter. However, the area of the filter is very small, so the air purifier can only remove the formaldehyde for two or three days, and it cannot remove the indoor formaldehyde efficiently, and it is extremely prone to secondary pollution.

There are still some hot-selling products on the market, such as diatom mud and nano-mineral crystals. These two substances are extremely adsorbent. Facing the continuous release of formaldehyde in the room, their physical adsorption will also be very good. Quickly reach saturation. And the most worrying thing is that the adsorption gas state of diatom mud and nano-ore crystals is very unstable. Once the surrounding environment changes , the formaldehyde molecules adsorbed in their pores will fall off again, and will once again Released into the air, the original source of adsorption became a source of pollution.

Haller, that's it for today's sharing. Welcome everyone to pay attention to the website information of our Tianjin formaldehyde removal company at any time. We will also bring you common sense and small knowledge about formaldehyde removal from time to time. I hope that it can bring real help to our lives!

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