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Health killer in summer-formaldehyde poisoning

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After May each year, as the temperature rises throughout the country, formaldehyde poisoning has become an invisible killer that endangers people's health. Here, the editor of Tianjin Deformaldehyde Company still solemnly reminds everyone about this. We must pay attention to it. Because many people like to renovate new homes when the weather is warm, when they look at the beautiful and warm new homes, people can't wait to move in and enjoy them, but the pungent smell tells us that the new homes are good The formaldehyde in the house is seriously over the standard. If you accidentally cause formaldehyde poisoning, follow the steps of Xiaobian to see what are the reactions to formaldehyde poisoning!

Generally speaking, the symptoms of formaldehyde poisoning are divided into mild poisoning, moderate poisoning, severe severity, and several degrees; the symptoms of mild formaldehyde poisoning are conjunctival congestion, redness, dyspnea, heavy breathing sounds, hoarse throat, speech Dryness, dullness, or wetness occur; symptoms of moderate formaldehyde poisoning include coughing, expectoration, chest tightness, dyspnea, and wet and dry crackling sounds; symptoms of severe formaldehyde poisoning are worsening of the lungs and throat Symptoms of pulmonary edema and fourth-degree laryngeal edema.

So, how do we remove the smell of formaldehyde after decorating the house? Here we recommend that you must choose a formal and professional company to remove formaldehyde for new houses! All the engineers of our Tianjin Formaldehyde Removal Company have more than 8 years of work experience in the formaldehyde removal industry. The safety and health of your entire family need to be carefully taken care of, so we must first choose our Tianjin Deformaldehyde Company to remove formaldehyde.

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