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Today, the editor of our Tianjin Formaldehyde Removal Company has done a few common sense quizzes on the issue of formaldehyde removal that the public cares about. I hope that I can bring relevant help to you in front of the screen!

I. Is there no formaldehyde if I don't smell?

There is no pungent smell in the room for a short time, which does not mean that the formaldehyde content is up to standard. Generally, when the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard by 2-3 times, no obvious odor is smelled, and it may be masked by other odors. Formaldehyde is a very difficult gas to play, and can stay indoors for up to 3-15 years.

2. Can the formaldehyde be removed by opening more windows?

Generally, the family room window is designed to be more than one meter above the ground. The weight of formaldehyde is heavier than air and it is easy to settle. Even if the window is opened for 24 hours, the formaldehyde is still difficult to remove. Formaldehyde harmful substances are released slowly for up to 3-15 years, and it will not solve the problem because of months of ventilation.

Can tea roots remove formaldehyde?

Some people place tea roots after making tea in wardrobes and rooms, hoping to help remove formaldehyde. In fact, tea roots have the same effect in this regard as dried leaves and toilet paper, without any absorption and decomposition .

4. Can formaldehyde scavengers remove formaldehyde?

The formaldehyde scavenger is covered on the surface of the wall floor by brushing, painting, spraying or the like. However, it can only slow down the release of formaldehyde. There is no way to completely remove it. At the same time, it is a consumable . It will lose its effect over time. In addition, formaldehyde cleaning agents can easily cause problems such as discoloration of walls, foaming of furniture, foaming of wallpaper, etc., thereby destroying the decoration.

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