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What are the unrecognized ways to remove formaldehyde in Tianjin

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With regard to indoor formaldehyde, people's attention has gradually increased in recent years. The reason why people attach so much importance to formaldehyde is that frequent accidents caused by excessive formaldehyde have led to people's awareness of removing formaldehyde . Every family will choose different quality building materials when renovating their new home. In addition to these decoration materials, they will become the cradle of formaldehyde. Various paints and furniture we use for painting the wall may become the main source of formaldehyde. . People have different opinions on the issue of removing formaldehyde. However, considering the people's concept of formaldehyde removal in Tianjin , there are still some ideas that can win people's consensus.

First of all, the first point is ventilation, which is also a suggestion and method for most people to remove formaldehyde. Regular window ventilation under good weather conditions can effectively promote the circulation of indoor and outdoor air. Removal of formaldehyde through such a natural dilution rule is a method commonly recognized by people. However, it should be noted that the release of formaldehyde is slow, as long as 3-15 years. It will not be solved because of several months of ventilation . When the room temperature and humidity increase after check-in, the formaldehyde will still exceed the standard, so Window ventilation is only an auxiliary method to remove formaldehyde.

In addition to ventilation to remove formaldehyde, activated carbon is one of the factors that have affected people's concept of removing formaldehyde in recent years. Activated carbon can rely on its own developed pore structure and surface area when removing formaldehyde. It can be exposed to the surrounding air to a large extent and passively adsorb some pollutants into its pores. Therefore, it is widely used to remove indoor formaldehyde. However, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon for formaldehyde is weak, and the adsorption will reach saturation . And after reaching saturation, it is easily affected by external factors, desorption occurs, causing secondary pollution.

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