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Summer is the season when formaldehyde is released quickly

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Formaldehyde is widely used. In the decoration of new houses, some of the items used have the presence of formaldehyde. The problem of formaldehyde pollution is mainly concentrated in the rooms, textiles and food. For large injuries, the removal of formaldehyde in Tianjin is to create a clean space for people and reduce the various injuries caused by formaldehyde to people's bodies.

Summer is the season when formaldehyde is released quickly. The higher the temperature, the more favorable the release of formaldehyde gas from the formaldehyde source. Usually this season is the peak season for decoration. So, in addition to summer formaldehyde, how long can you live in a delicate house? Many people are afraid of formaldehyde pollution and dare not live in new houses after renovation. They even want to use summer heat to remove formaldehyde. In fact, it is not practical to clean up only by releasing formaldehyde at high temperatures . Now, Changsha Deformaldehyde Company will explain the environmental protection of Jieju in detail for everyone. Summer is the peak season for decoration. It is not only beneficial for indoor formaldehyde gas emission, but also for formaldehyde control. In the case of higher temperature, formaldehyde can be quickly released, coupled with the professional pharmacological effect, different medicaments and construction methods can be used for different formaldehyde sources to quickly and efficiently decompose formaldehyde . Even by next summer, the indoor formaldehyde content will not exceed the standard, and there is no need to worry about rebound or recurrence of formaldehyde pollution. Formaldehyde deodorant captures and decomposes harmful pollutants of formaldehyde, benzene, and purple ammonia , kills harmful bacteria and mites, cleans the air, eliminates odors, and purifies the air with plants. In the process, the plants themselves Injured, many plants will be injured in severe environment with formaldehyde concentration , and even severely die.

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