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Tianjin formaldehyde removal company to share the effect of activated carbon to remove formaldehyde

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Everyone knows that the chemical materials used in the decoration of new houses contain formaldehyde. The greater the odor after the decoration of new houses, the more serious the formaldehyde pollution. New houses with formaldehyde cannot be occupied. We know that formaldehyde is colorless and has an irritating odor. Once people breathe in low doses of formaldehyde, they will be poisoned. If they live in an environment with excessive formaldehyde for a long time, it is very likely to cause cancer or leukemia.

Many people get tired after the renovation of their new house, most of them are poisoned by formaldehyde. The main symptoms of formaldehyde poisoning are: cough, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, fever, fever, dizziness, and rash. The symptoms of formaldehyde poisoning are different for everyone.

Therefore, after the renovation of the new house, we must take good care of formaldehyde odor. Generally, we are habitually using ventilation and odor, but there is a big disadvantage of ventilation and odor, which belongs to the "effective immediately, immediately invalidate" approach. Once the window is closed, the odor of formaldehyde rises. Generally, wind, rain, winter, and haze are not suitable for opening windows to smell, which is extremely likely to cause formaldehyde poisoning.

There is a soil method to remove formaldehyde odor. Adsorption with activated carbon, but the traditional activated carbon adsorption capacity is very limited, usually a week or so, it needs to be replaced in time or it will cause secondary chemical pollution, which is more dangerous than formaldehyde poisoning.

The activated carbon removal formaldehyde implemented by Tianjin Deformation Formaldehyde Co., Ltd. has a very strong penetrating energy and has a decomposition function. It can penetrate into the interior of the board to decompose formaldehyde into water and carbon dioxide without secondary pollution.

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