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How to choose a good formaldehyde removal agency

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Today, the editor of our Tianjin Formaldehyde Removal Company will share with you how to choose a good formaldehyde removal agency:

1) A good formaldehyde removal company needs qualification and construction certificate. Generally, a company will give a bunch of qualification certificates. At this time, it is necessary to identify whether the company has a Class A construction qualification certificate for the indoor environmental purification and treatment industry in China.

2) The origin of the product, security and quality assurance. Whether the company's products are produced by itself, or a foreign shell company is used as an agent.

3) Whether the team has an engineer with a certificate of governance in China and whether the company has a back office.

4) Case, whether any large enterprises or government units have cooperated. Cooperative units with a kindergarten or school are preferred.

The reason that so-called formaldehyde removal agents are sought after by so many people is that it has a large market for formaldehyde removal, which is also recognized by entrepreneurs. Therefore, if you choose a good formaldehyde removal company, you can reduce the cost of early publicity and quickly accumulate your customers. Naturally, there is no worry about no business all year round ~

The above is the specific introduction of the formaldehyde removal agent market that we share with you from Tianjin Formaldehyde Removal Company. I hope to help entrepreneurs who remove formaldehyde. After learning these, they can quickly seize the huge formaldehyde removal market and create good economic benefits.

Editor-in-chief: Formaldehyde removal in Tianjin Sorting out time: 2019-9-24 16:14:09
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