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What are the common indoor environmental governance methods?

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Now that the global climate is gradually warming and the atmosphere is becoming increasingly polluted, more and more people are beginning to value the surrounding living environment. Since formaldehyde has been listed as a recognized indoor killer, people have sounded alarm bells, and many will regularly test the indoor formaldehyde content to prevent formaldehyde poisoning incidents. The indoor environment is closely related to people's health, and its concentration of pollutants is harmful to people's health. According to the data survey, the average age of people who live in the indoor environment for a long time will be shorter than those of people living in the environment.

According to the staff of Tianjin's indoor environment control for formaldehyde removal , in order to have a good living environment, many people will regularly measure the indoor environment and conduct environmental management. Common methods for environmental governance include nano-mine crystal governance, plant purification governance, and negative ion governance. The treatment of nano-mineral crystals is a scientific technology that uses a unique capture and adsorption function to firmly lock indoor formaldehyde or harmful gases to prevent them from causing secondary pollution. This adsorption principle relies on the polarity of the mineral crystal belt.

Plant purification and purification, as the name suggests, is to remove pure plant scavengers from plants, which are all natural substances. These substances will not cause secondary pollution to the environment and are ideal air cleaners. Plant purification of the environment is the most natural method, which will not cause any harm to the human body. Prickly pears, spider plants, etc. all have the function of purifying the air. With the development of the times, there is a high-voltage electric instrument on the market that can quickly convert harmful gases into negative ions, which is often referred to as negative ion treatment. This method of treatment is simple, effective, and does not leave dead ends. use.

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