Tianjin formaldehyde detection
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In addition to formaldehyde detection in Tianjin, how to do it is reliable?

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Newly renovated houses will be polluted, so many people want to check the indoor air quality, formaldehyde content, etc., and wait until they are safe. There are many ways to detect formaldehyde in the market. There are formaldehyde detection boxes, smart formaldehyde detectors, etc. Which detection method is both affordable and accurate? Next, the editor of Tianjin Deformaldehyde Company recommends several methods of formaldehyde detection for you:

First, formaldehyde detection box or formaldehyde detection test paper for detection. This is the most economical and convenient method. Formaldehyde test strips / boxes are very cheap, and the use is relatively simple. It is sufficient to operate according to the instructions , so it is most suitable for individuals to test indoors. However, since the use of the formaldehyde self-test box is greatly affected by external environmental factors, if the owner does not close the space and balance the temperature and humidity, the test results are prone to errors. Generally speaking, the test paper will have some deviations when printing, and the accuracy is not high enough. In addition, both of them rely on the naked eye to recognize that the color range is not fine enough , and the error will be relatively large.

Second, use a formaldehyde detector to detect. Aldehyde detectors are generally used by large-scale inspection agencies. Due to the relatively complicated detection operation and the detection results, they are also the most accurate in the instrument, so the price is also relatively expensive. Generally, consumers are not recommended to purchase the formaldehyde detection.

Third, please visit the professional formaldehyde removal company for testing. For friends with good economic conditions, you can directly find professional formaldehyde company personnel to conduct on-site inspections. Generally, after the on-site sampling is required, the test results can be obtained within 3-7 working days. If the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard, the testing company Corresponding governance will also be given. More peace of mind and effort.

Fourth, look for third-party testing agencies for testing. The CMA test report issued by a third-party testing agency has legal effect, and the test results are reliable and legally guaranteed. And the detection range is not limited to formaldehyde, and generally includes: formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, TVOC. The CMA test cannot produce results on the spot. After sampling, it should be brought back to the laboratory for analysis. Generally, the results will be produced after 5-7 days. Due to the variety of testing items and the professionalism and accuracy of sampling analysis, the fees charged by third parties with CMA testing qualification are relatively expensive. Generally speaking, a testing point costs 300-500 yuan.

The above is a method for the detection of formaldehyde for everyone. I think it is the third one that is more reliable, saves time and effort, is accurate and affordable. Excessive formaldehyde can cause serious harm to our bodies and minds , so everyone should pay special attention to it.

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