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Tips on formaldehyde self-test

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As we all know, most of the formaldehyde in our lives today comes from interior decoration materials. For example, composite floors, plywood, paints, etc. contain many volatile harmful substances. They often release a lot of formaldehyde after decoration . We checked our own, whether the floor uses wood flooring, whether the decoration materials are wooden, whether custom cabinets are wooden, etc. If the proportion of wood used in building materials is large, the possibility of formaldehyde pollution is relatively large. Secondly, judging by the smell in the room, the newly renovated home or new buyer has pungent and pungent pungent odors, and this odor does not persist for a long time. There is a clear pungent odor when you are near the wall or furniture. In this way, you can basically determine that the formaldehyde in the home interior is excessive.

Furthermore, you can also observe the response of animals and plants. If a large number of plants die and die after moving into a new home, if the family keeps pets, the pets are sick, do not like to eat or even die, etc. It also indicates that the formaldehyde in the home has exceeded the standard. I have been in a new house for a while, and found that my body is abnormal, especially for those who are sensitive to irritation, and may have symptoms such as nose discomfort, dizziness, poor mental state , throat discomfort, eye inflammation, cough, sneezing and other symptoms. Be wary if it is a formaldehyde problem; for professional testing to remove formaldehyde, you can find a Tianjin formaldehyde removal company for testing.

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