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Formaldehyde detection pays attention to these matters

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Indoor environmental problems have always been a problem that people pay great attention to. In people's perception, formaldehyde is a common substance in indoor pollution, because it emits a pungent odor at high concentrations, and people can detect it by smell. its existence. But in fact, indoor pollution not only contains formaldehyde, but also harmful substances such as benzene and TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds).

Based on our many years of experience in the Tianjin Formaldehyde Removal Company, we have concluded that the concentration of indoor air pollutants in a new house within 3 months after the completion of the renovation is high, and it is necessary to choose a check-in time carefully. If you are in a hurry to get medical treatment, this will give some inferior formaldehyde detectors the opportunity to use, and a variety of products that are attached to "formaldehyde fear" are emerging endlessly.
The results of the formaldehyde tester and the formaldehyde test box can only be used as a reference, and cannot be regarded as a standard. It must be acknowledged that the formaldehyde tester and test box can indeed reflect the amount of indoor formaldehyde , but this is not an absolute value. The critical value of excessive formaldehyde in the air is very low. Under this formaldehyde concentration level, relying on the air's own movement, using such a small box to collect data, the error must be relatively large.

Since most net red formaldehyde tester data is inaccurate, the indoor pollution problem is so serious. This means that the house that looks superficially odorless is really not polluted? I think it 's a question mark. Only in the decoration process, the paint that can really remove formaldehyde can be used in the rest of the stay and rest assured. If you still can't rest assured, you may wish to ask a professional formaldehyde testing company to conduct a field test. If no formaldehyde pollution is detected, you are all happy. If there is indeed formaldehyde pollution, we will give specific testing opinions to completely eliminate formaldehyde!

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